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YouTube isn't easy, there's a lot more to it than you first think and there's no denying it takes a lot of work (any creator will tell you this), but with the right plan you can achieve your creative goals.

3 reasons why you'll love our courses...

learn the theory of YouTube & how it works

step-by-step video tutorials covering all areas of YouTube from how it works, how to upload, create a channel, views, subscribers and more

Exercises and resources provided


Learn to research and plan your channel, branding, analytics, launching and more

1 on 1 support if you want it

all courses give you access to message me for advice or feedback or talk with other students about their channel growth & ideas. 



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The YouTube Academy Beginner to Pro

Kickstart & Grow Your YouTube Channel

Video Editing in CapCut

Learn the free video editor for desktop + mobile...

YouTube Without Showing Your Face

How to Create a YouTube Channel Without...

The Shorts Film School:

YouTube, Instagram Reels, TikTok+

Social Media Film School

4 in 1 Course, YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram +

Edit Video with Adobe Premiere Pro

Learn to Edit Quickly, Everything You Need...

YouTube As Your Business 

Outsourcing & Automation Channel...

How to VLOG: Complete Beginners 

How to practically film, edit, come up with ideas...

Your YouTube Channel Launch Plan 

Calendar & Step-by-Step growth plan...

100 YouTube Channel Ideas: 

Master YouTube with 100 Innovative Channel Ideas

Build a Video Studio for YouTube 

Design a Professional Video Studio for YouTube...

ChatGPT & YouTube: AI Tools for YouTube

10x Your YouTube Channel with ChatGPT & AI...

Make YouTube Thumbnails Step-by-Step

Get Results from Your Thumbnails by Creating...

What Our Students Say

Remember, all our courses have a 30 day money back guarantee

Just what I needed to learn plus much more. Excellent course!

July 14

Linda Ferguson

So well organized and clear! Great teacher, straight to the point with examples - perfect

July 12

David Thomas

Im enjoying the course, I feel confident that upon completion of the course I will be able to create and launch my own successful youtube channel.

July 10

Christian Duane Tisby

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